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2004 Land Rover Discovery AKA Raw Dog Mobile

2004 Land Rover Discovery AKA Raw Dog Mobile

 In 2022, I invested $30,000 in restoring this 2004 Land Rover Discovery with Jay at Atlanta On Wheels. The restoration included a new engine, brakes, and other updates. Additionally, we applied removable decals for our business. Since its restoration, I have driven this Land Rover less than 1,000 miles. I truly love this vehicle, but due to financial challenges, we need to sell it. Please make sure to watch both videos for more details.

Please contact me directly about buying ! 

Sean B. Jones - 414-573-0200

Restoration details:
- Year: 2022
- Restorer: Atlanta On Wheels
- Cost: $30,000

ACH Payment Preferred

 Restoration Video by Atlanta On Wheels


  With Decals




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