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  • Our Technology Partners - Parker Freeze Dry

    Our Technology Partners - Parker Freeze Dry

    Technology Partners At Raw Dog Barkery AKA Foodynamics we deeply value our relationships customers and business partners.  At our core, we resonate deeply with our customers, creating bonds that go...
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  • A Call for Whole Foods in Our Pets' Diets

    A Call for Whole Foods in Our Pets' Diets

    The solution, deeply ingrained in our intuition, is clear: real, whole foods. For us, for our dogs, for our cats. It's time we heed this call of nature, prioritize our pets' health, and embrace the power of whole foods in their diets.
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  • The Unparalleled Benefits of Freeze-Drying Over Dehydration in Pet Foods

    The Unparalleled Benefits of Freeze-Drying Over Dehydration in Pet Foods

    Freeze-drying offers a superior method for preserving meat for pet foods. The process ensures optimal nutrient retention, superior taste and texture, extended shelf life, enhanced safety, and greater versatility. By choosing freeze-dried pet foods, you're prioritizing your pet's health, safety, and enjoyment of their meals. With all these benefits in mind, it's clear that freeze-dried foods are worth considering for your pet's dietary needs.
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  • Our Beloved Pets Are Not Garbage Dumps By Sean B. Jones

    Our Beloved Pets Are Not Garbage Dumps By Sean B. Jones

    Did you know that pet food companies do not have to tell you if their ingredients are poor quality, waste products or simply not meant for human consumption.  

    Our ingredients are only sourced from USDA inspected suppliers.  We use the same sources as supermarkets and restaurants.  We only use CLEAN ingredients that are only fully nutritious whole foods.  Our products are made from nutrient dense prime cuts (not trimmings) that are intended for human consumption and ingredients that could have been served to you on a restaurant plate.  We believe in keeping foods in their most natural unrefined nutritious state.


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  • Does Natural Mean Good? By Sean B. Jones

    Does Natural Mean Good? By Sean B. Jones

    When it comes to determining whether something is good based on whether it is natural or not, it is important to note that natural does not always equate to safe for consumption. For instance, lead and arsenic are natural elements but are toxic and harmful to humans. In the same vein, there are several natural foods that are not appropriate for humans to consume, but other animal species depend on for nourishment and sustenance. For example, while soil and bamboo are not suitable foods for humans, they are the primary source of nourishment for earthworms and pandas, respectively. (Source: Science Daily)

    The critical question, therefore, should be whether the food being consumed is biologically or species appropriate. Each animal species has specific foods that they are biologically capable of digesting and obtaining nourishment from, and feeding them anything outside of this range can have negative implications. For instance, herbivores such as horses and cows cannot survive on meat, just as carnivores like cats and dogs cannot digest plant material in the same way as herbivores or omnivores. (Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information)

    While it is true that some plants have medicinal value for dogs, it is vital to note that dogs produce minimal amounts of the enzyme amylase needed to break down plant matter. As such, they can only benefit from small amounts of partially digested plant matter found in the stomachs of small prey animals. Moreover, many commercially available cat and dog foods contain high levels of sugar, grains, and plant proteins, which are not biologically appropriate for carnivores to consume. It is thus essential to seek out foods that are 100% species appropriate and do not contain high levels of inappropriate starches and other food ingredients. (Source: Veterinary Practice News)

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  • Notes From The Founder

    Notes From The Founder

    Founder Sean B. Jones has been a psychotherapist for nearly 30-years.  Sean has spent a successful career recommending that his human patients avoid processed foods and eat more real whole...
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  • Food Energy

    Food Energy

    All Raw Dog Barkery products are labeled for food energy. Food energy refers to how certain types of foods contribute to cellular reactions; including inflammation. Foods are classified as Hot/Warm, Neutral...
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