We make meat based treats & supplements for raw dogs & cats!   

Sometimes healthy foods can be less appealing or boring. Raw Dog Barkery’s products have multiple nutritional benefits with an added appeal to humans and fur babies alike. The Best Treats for Raw Dogs and Cats! What are the best treats for raw dogs and cats ? The Best Raw Treats. Raw Dog Barkery!  Raw Dog Barkery is family owned and operated! 

Raw Dog Barkery's products are sourced and made in the US with USDA inspected meats and produce.  Raw Dog Barkery's philosophy is that dogs & cats are entitled to the same quality food as humans.

The Raw Dog Barkery has fun and exciting biologically and species appropriate treats for raw fed cats and dogs.  

Founded by Sean & Amy Jones, long-time advocates of feeding biologically and species appropriate whole foods to cats and dogs. Sean and Amy would never feed starchy and sugary treats to their fur babies but wanted to feed fun & special treats too! 

It seems that other raw feeders were looking for similar fun treats too!

Thus, The Raw Dog Barkery Was Born!  

About Founders Sean & Amy

The founders of The Raw Dog Barkery believe that both humans, cats and dogs should not eat processed foods and eat only biologically and species appropriate real whole foods. 

Sean is certified in pet nutrition, canine herbalism & raw feeding. Sean is a licensed psychotherapist, and a former FBI special agent and healthcare executive. He has two masters degrees and has a passion for educating pet parents about biologically appropriate foods & supplements.  Sean lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin with his wife Amy and their three golden retrievers Bonnie, Clyde & Stella.

Amy is a retired special education teacher and owns What’s In The Bowl Pet Shops in New Berlin and Brookfield, Wisconsin. She is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin and raised four children in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Amy is certified in pet nutrition and her long-time dream of opening a neighborhood pet shop came true. Amy lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin with her husband Sean and their three golden retrievers Bonnie, Clyde & Stella.

About The Raw Dog Barkery Process

The Raw Dog Barkery uses a proprietary in-house advanced cold vacuum  process technology which removes water using pressure while preserving the nutritional values of whole foods without added fillers, preservatives or extracts.  

The Raw Dog Barkery does not have their products manufactured by third parties. The Raw Dog Barkery team makes their products from premium cut USDA real whole foods and are produced in small batches to assure freshness and quality. 

Sourcing & Safety

Our ingredients are only sourced from USDA inspected suppliers.  We use the same sources as super markets and restaurants.  Our ingredients are only fully nutritious whole foods, not HPP diminished.  We believe in keeping foods in their most natural nutritious state.  We do not pasteurize or denature our foods.  Freeze-drying leaves food nearly unchanged  and kills a percentage of bacteria.  However, while freeze drying result in a reduction of microbial amounts, we recommend humans washing their hands after handling our treats because there is the potential for salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria to survive.  All of Raw Dog Barkery ingredients and product are natural foods and safe for cats & dogs to consume. 

Compare our quality to others! 

Compare our quality to other freeze-dried treats and you will find that our products are fresher and look better because of how we source and our proprietary freeze-drying process.  

All Natural for Dogs & Cats

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s biologically or species appropriate.   We do not feed herbivore horses and cows natural meat; because it is not a biologically or species appropriate.

Raw Dog Barkery makes biologically appropriate meat treats because cats & dogs are classified as carnivores. 

Many common cat and dog foods & treats are loaded with sugar, grains, plant proteins, synthetic vitamins & minerals, preservatives or unidentifiable ingredients; often sourced from outside the United States.

Raw Dog Barkery’s product ingredients are familiar and easily identifiable meats & produce. 

We ONLY use premium real USDA whole foods sourced and made in the USA.

Food Energy

All Raw Dog Barkery products are labeled for food energy. Food energy refers to how certain types of foods contribute to cellular reactions; including inflammation. Foods are classified as Hot/Warm, Neutral or Cold/Cooling foods. To learn more about food energy review some of our blog posts on food energy. Our products labels are simply color coded: Red (Hot), Green (Neutral) and Blue (Cold). 


Raw Dog Barkery is ONLY available from authorized independent retailers. 

Ask Your Favorite Independent Pet Store For Raw Dog Barkery Products!  

Get FREE Treats! 

The Raw Dog Barkery wants every pet parent to have access to our fun treats & products.  Contact your local independent pet retailer and ask them to stock Raw Dog Barkery's products in their store and The Raw Dog Barkery will send you coupons for FREE products (at least a $15 value).  

You can redeem your coupon at the store and receive a coupon for every new store you get to carry Raw Dog Barkery! Click the link below to get started.

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