You don't want to feed your cat or dog processed food or treats. 

You know what real food looks like!

We hand cut real whole foods that cats & dogs are naturally meant to eat. 

At Raw Dog Barkery, we take great pride in sourcing and making our products in Wisconsin. We use the same high-quality meats that supermarkets and restaurants use and carefully hand-cut them to ensure attention to detail and quality. Our commitment to quality is evident in our analysis, and we encourage you to compare us to other brands.

Unlike other manufacturers, we personally source and hand-make every batch of our products. Our philosophy is that dogs and cats deserve the same high-quality whole foods as humans, made from prime cuts of real whole foods and never from trimmings.

All of our ingredients are biologically and species-appropriate for cats and dogs, and founders Sean and Amy Jones have long been advocates of feeding biologically and species-appropriate whole foods to their own pets. You won't find starchy, sugary, or processed ingredients in our products - only the best for your furry friends.

About Founders Sean & Amy


The founders of The Raw Dog Barkery, Foodynamics, and Whats In The Bowl Pet Shops share a common belief that both humans and pets, including cats and dogs, should not consume processed foods and instead stick to biologically and species-appropriate whole foods.

Sean, a licensed psychotherapist and a recovering chief healthcare executive, is certified in pet nutrition, canine herbalism, and raw feeding. He holds two masters degrees and is passionate about educating pet parents on the benefits of biologically appropriate foods and supplements. Sean hosts the "Exploring Cat and Nutrition" podcast and is publishing a book by the same title.

Amy, a retired special education teacher, fulfilled her long-time dream of opening a neighborhood pet shop in 2016 after becoming certified in pet nutrition. Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Amy raised four children in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Together, Amy and Sean live in Waukesha with their three golden retrievers, Bonnie, Clyde, and Stella, and two cats, Monica and Chandler.


About The Raw Dog Barkery Process

At The Raw Dog Barkery, we utilize a proprietary advanced cold vacuum process technology, developed in-house, which effectively removes water using pressure while retaining the nutritional value of whole foods without the need for added fillers, preservatives, or extracts.

Furthermore, all of our products are made in-house by our team of experts. We use only premium cuts of real whole foods (never trimmings) and avoid using 3D meat in our products. We produce our products in small batches to ensure freshness and quality, guaranteeing that our customers receive only the best.

Sourcing & Safety

At Raw Dog Barkery, we pride ourselves on using the same sources as supermarkets and restaurants. Our ingredients consist of nutritious whole foods, and our products are made exclusively from nutrient-dense prime cuts - never from trimmings - that are intended for human consumption. We firmly believe in keeping foods in their natural, most nutritious state.

Many companies in the pet industry advertise their products as "sustainable" or "responsibly sourced," which may sound well-intended but can often be misleading. In many cases, these products contain sources not intended for human consumption, involve recycling, and can contain hazardous waste products. At Raw Dog Barkery, we do not view our beloved pets as garbage dumps and refuse to compromise on their nutrition and well-being.


All of our packaging is 100% Recycled &  Recyclable.
Our plastics containers are made with post consumer content utilizing our rDPET™ material. These containers are 100% recyclable, making it easy for consumers to recycle and more efficient for municipalities to collect for recycling. PET is the most commonly recycled plastic globally.

Compare our quality to others! 

Compare our quality to other freeze-dried treats and you will find that our products are fresher and look better because of how we source and our proprietary custom freeze-drying process.  

All Natural for Dogs & Cats

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s biologically or species appropriate.   We do not feed herbivore horses and cows natural meat; because it is not a biologically or species appropriate.

Raw Dog Barkery makes biologically appropriate meat treats because cats & dogs are classified by the scientific fields of biology and zoology as carnivores. 

Many common cat and dog foods & treats are loaded with sugar, grains, plant proteins, synthetic vitamins & minerals, preservatives or unidentifiable ingredients; often sourced from outside the United States.

Raw Dog Barkery’s product ingredients are familiar and easily identifiable meats & produce. 


Food Energy

All Raw Dog Barkery products are labeled for food energy. Food energy refers to how certain types of foods contribute to cellular reactions; including inflammation. Foods are classified as Hot/Warm, Neutral or Cold/Cooling foods. To learn more about food energy review some of our blog posts on food energy. Our products labels are simply color coded: Red (Hot), Green (Neutral) and Blue (Cold). 


Raw Dog Barkery is ONLY available from authorized independent retailers. 

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