Our Beloved Pets Are Not Garbage Dumps By Sean B. Jones

Our Beloved Pets Are Not Garbage Dumps By Sean B. Jones

Sep 15 , 2021


Sean Jones

Did you know that pet food companies do not have to tell you if their ingredients are poor quality, waste products or simply not meant for human consumption.  

The trend of many companies in the pet industry is to advertise that their products are "sustainable", "responsibly sourced", or"upcycled".  This sounds well intended but is deceptive and always means the food contains ingredients not intended for human consumption, and includes ingredients that would otherwise been depositied in a landfill.  These types of waste ingredients can contain dangerous toxins and require a sterilization process.  Furthermore, ingredients from "sustainable", "upcycled" or "responsibly sourced" products have zero real nutritional values. 


There is also a trend of feeding insects to cats and dogs because it is supposedly  sustainable, and responsibility sourced. There are several companies and products professing feeding bugs to our cats and dogs is appropriate.  Sean Jones has extensively researched the efficacy of feeding insects and  inquired on the raising insects for feed to both pets and humans. There are no valid studies on the nutrition of feeding insects.  Also, after interviewing several companies that raise insects for feed, all of them seem to too feed waste/garbage to insects while raising them for feed, further questioning the nutrient profile of the actual insects.      






The United States used to have a law prohibiting pet food companies from using components or ingredients that are poisonous or harmful. However, the law was deleted in 1999.  Therefore,  ingredients not fit for human food are allowed in pet food.  

Raw Dog Barkery does not consider our beloved pets garbage dumps. 

Our ingredients are only sourced from USDA inspected suppliers.  We use the same sources as supermarkets and restaurants.  We only use CLEAN ingredients that are only fully nutritious whole foods.  Our products are made from nutrient dense prime cuts (not trimmings) that are intended for human consumption and ingredients that could have been served to you on a restaurant plate.  We believe in keeping foods in their most natural unrefined nutritious state.

According to research, pet food companies are not required to disclose whether their ingredients are of poor quality, waste products, or not intended for human consumption. Many companies in the pet industry promote their products as "sustainable", "responsibly sourced", or "upcycled", but these claims can be misleading. These foods often contain waste ingredients that require sterilization due to dangerous toxins and have no nutritional value. Additionally, there is a trend of feeding insects to cats and dogs as a sustainable alternative, but there is a lack of valid research on the nutritional value of insects, and many companies that raise insects for feed also feed them with waste/garbage.

The law in the United States that previously prohibited pet food companies from using poisonous or harmful ingredients was deleted in 1999, allowing for the use of ingredients that are not fit for human food in pet food.

In contrast, Raw Dog Barkery sources their ingredients exclusively from USDA inspected suppliers and uses only nutrient-dense whole foods that are fit for human consumption. Their products are made from prime cuts of meat and ingredients that could be served on a restaurant plate, ensuring that pets are receiving only high-quality, nutritious food.

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