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Be Safe This Halloween!

Be Safe This Halloween!

We hope that everyone has fun with their whole family on Halloween.

  1. KEEP YOUR CANDY FOR YOURSELF! - Chocolate and other candy can be toxic for cats and dogs —Candy is loaded with sugar which can lead to serious stomach problems and pancreatitis.  The darker the chocolate the more toxic it is…. Chocolate contains caffeine-which can cause stomach upset, heart problems and seizures.
  2. SUGAR FREE Candy is even more dangerous because it can contain Xylitol which can cause serious blood surfer fluctuations and liver failure.
  3. Raisins – Remember! Raisins are toxic to cats and dogs even in small amounts and can cause kidney failure. 
  4. Candy Wrappers – If cats or dogs eat candy wrappers it can cause life-threatening bowel obstructions and liver failure.
  5. Candle, Glow Sticks, & Batteries are very dangerous for cats and dogs. The chemicals in glow sticks and batters WILL burn your pet. Even the scents of most candles are toxic to cats and dogs.
  6. Costumes for you and your pet: Some pets become very fearful or aggressive to people in costumes. Please take precautions if your pet fits into this group.  Also, many dogs and cats finding wearing costumes themselves to be overly stressful. 
  7. Trick-Or-Treaters: Frequent door bells and visitors can also cause significant stress for your cat or dog.  Also, please be conscious of open doors and the security of your pet.  Make sure you have up to date tags on your pets. 

A little added awareness will ensure an ENJOYABLE, HAPPY HALLOWEEN for ALL!

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