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Synthetic Vitamins In Dog Food By Sean B. Jones

Synthetic Vitamins In Dog Food By Sean B. Jones

What I Wonder About - Synthetic Vitamins In Dog Food

By Sean B. Jones

I am thankful to spend time with my human and fur baby family this Thanksgiving Day AND for some time to pause from work and think...I wonder if there are any human physicians or dietitians that recommend their patients eat only processed foods with embedded synthetic vitamins. I wonder why most physicians refer patients with nutritional concerns to registered dietitians. I wonder why human food labels are easier to read and have much more information than pet food labels.  For example, human food labels always list the percentage of carbohydrates. Where is the carbohydrate percentage on pet food labels?  Why don't the percentages on most pet food labels add up to 100%?  What are the missing ingredients on pet food labels? I wonder if most pet foods would meet the minimal nutritional requirements without embedded synthetic vitamins.  I wonder why many of the pet care institutions recommend cats & dogs ONLY eat processed food and report fresh food is dangerous.

I am also thankful this weekend to sit back and watch The Big Theory! Enjoy!  


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